• Mr. Vinod Dhakre CEO

    20 years experienced professional in heading and driving trans-national businesses.

    He has passion and flair for mentoring start-ups into successful businesses and has proven abilities in devising and implementing strategies and business model aimed at sustaining long term profitability. With strong technical background, he has successfully developed and launched new products in various markets.

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    10+ Years of experience in multi-industries, he gathered deep knowledge of Business Operations, Digital and Informational Technologies.

    After 5 years of strong IT experience and entrepreneurial skills, he started mentoring and consulting various tech start-ups. He was effectively hold, develop, articulate and continually evolve in company’s strategic direction towards success.

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  • Mr. Jonathan Millet Advisor

    Bitcoin Investor. Jonathan is a Hardcore crypto believer, Investor in Altcoin.

    Jonathan known for strong salesmanship and Believes in the right execution.

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  • Mr. Adam S. Tracy Legal Advisor

    A former competitive rugby player, serial entrepreneur and attorney with extensive corporate, commodities, cryptocurrency and securities experience.

    Including Initial Public Offerings, Initial Coin Offerings, Domestic/Offshore Entity and Fund Formation.

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  • MR. P.B. STANTON Cryptocurrency Attorney, International ICO Legal Advisor

    Specialize in providing sophisticated asset protection, estate planning, business planning, and strategic professional alliances to handle national and international matters.

    Also a well known for cryptocurrency & ICO Attorney - Whitepaper - Regulation - Crowdfunding.

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  • Mr. Daniel Raissar Crypto Analyst

    I am energetic, ambitious, freedom-loving, open to new ideas and exploration, and a seeker of a challenge.

    I have published a book on, have a media/news/publishing enterprize with a reach close to a million people. I am an early adaptor of cryptocurrencies.

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  • Mr. Jevgeni Pogorelov Senior Java Developer

    Senior Java Developer with over 10 years of experience.

    Specialist skills in Ajax, Apache Tapestry, Apache Tomcat, Bootstrap, CSS, Git, Hibernate, Java, JavaScript, Jetty, JUnit, Maven, Mockito, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Spring, Spring MVC, SQL, Subversion, XML, XSL, Blockchain.

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  • Mr. Yary Ribero Senior Java Developer/Architect

    A Senior full stack developer who has 10+ years experience in developing different systems, including legacy systems.

    Mainly specialized in Java, Spring, Hibernate, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JPA, AJAX etc.

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  • Mr. Salman Lashkarara Quality Assurance Specialist

    Quality Assurance Specialist with experience in Blockchain and cryptocurrency, software analysis and testing areas (Cucumber, Junit, mocha, SoapUI, Selenium).

    Interested in agile software development and testing. Certified in Angular2 with Typescript. Working in Litecoin-based asset-trading cryptocurrency development team.

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